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Creating your brand is so much more than a great logo, website, or communication plan. It’s about finding the right balance between effectively communicating who you are, making a lasting first impression and standing out against competitors

Kirsten James Creative creates strategic communication plans, social media management strategies, and beautiful designs that produce results.

A Brand is an Arsenal of Communication Tools

What tools do you have?


Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. What do you want your brand to communicate? Show, don’t tell. Let’s create a winning look for your small- to medium-sized business. From your stand-out logo to your pixel-perfect website, I’ve got your back.


You’ve heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. But, how well do your photos communicate those words? Get images with impact! From cocktail parties to corporate events, outdoor festivals to an intimate wedding; I’ve got all the angles covered.

Social Media

Social media management is more than posting on Facebook. It’s a conversation that’s plugged in to what your customers want. Together we can tackle social media with swagger and build meaningful relationships with customers, that produces measurable results.


I believe in empowerment and provide one-on-one training to put you in the driver’s seat. Learn how to manage your WordPress site, take scroll-stopping photographs, or even beginner social media. Have something else in mind? Contact me.

OK, But Why Hire You?

I’ve been in the industry for over 12 years, and something I’ve learned along the way is how to work effectively with small boutiques to large brands. A lot comes down to the quality of relationships with your team, real relationships result in true partnerships. You will receive completely personal and attentive service along with unique results. I believe that your business success is linked with my own – that means when you win – we win!  

With Kirsten James Creative you get to speak directly with me; your designer, social media strategist, photographer, creative confidant – no more talking to account managers.  I take the time to listen to your goals and strategize a custom plan for you — isn’t that so much better than, “here’s your logo; good luck”?

Together I will teach you to the tools you need to succeed with your goals through branding, marketing, and communication. From your stand out logo to your social media strategy I am here to help you shine.

“Whoever said small things don’t matter has never seen a match start a wildfire.”

Looking For Your Match?

A veritable Swiss Army Knife. Your own personal arsenal of tools.

  • Designer

    Branding, logos, websites, business cards, marketing materials, illustration, infographics

  • Photographer

    Corporate events, real estate, products, headshots, portaits, music, family, weddings

  • Communicator

    Social media management, audience engagement, content curation, content creation, SEO, PPC and PPV campaigns, email managment

  • Teacher

    Basic to advanced; photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, social media for business, Google Analytics and tools

Fine Folks I’ve Worked With

Rave Reviews

  • Kirsten has been a vital asset to Rocktographers. She is constantly helping us reinvent and revitalize our brands success with stunning design work, positivity, and genuine excitement towards what we do. Without Kirsten I'm not sure where we would be.

    Tyson Elder
    Tyson Elder Rocktographers
  • Kirsten did an outstanding job of creating a logo and brand for Enigmatic Events. I was impressed by her attention to details, and really understanding what my company wanted to do. I am more than happy with the professional but friendly website she put together that really makes my company shine on line

    Chris Rudram
    Chris Rudram Enigmatic Events
  • Kirsten is able to look at a project from a number of crucial angles that are integral to its overall success. Her eye for complex design has helped to shape quite a large number of jobs at BC Transit and create a positive branding standard for the company. Kirsten is also a true pleasure to work with and her collaborative personality has benefited us greatly.

    Paula Smith
    Paula Smith Regional Transit Manager
  • I started with a rough idea of how I wanted the marketing and branding material to look. Kirsten took my 'It needs to be boardgamey, but not nerdy...' direction and finished with something we are proud to have emblazoned all over our store. She is quick, creative, and somehow always seems to make exactly what you want and then some.

    Bill Heaton
    Bill Heaton Interactivity Board Game Cafe
  • Kirsten is so fast! I'm always amazed with how quick everything gets done. I'm so thankful I can email her with my freak out moments, and she's always there to help.  She's fun to work with and comes up with creative solutions for problems. I've already received lots of compliments on my website and logo design.

    Kristin Price
    Kristin Price Kristin Price Holistic Nutrion
  • Kirsten is one of the most talented and efficient designers I've ever worked with. She's comfortable in all media and consistently exceeded my expectations with her inspired creative work. She could say things with images & graphics that I couldn't find a way to say in words. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat!

    Mary Meldrum
    Mary Meldrum Senior Information Officer

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