Kirsten is a…

communicator, traveler, trivia nut

All my life I have been an adventurer. As the daughter of an RCMP officer, my postal code changed as often as my age; I’ll bet you a shiny nickel that’s when my eclectic tastes started to develop. When it came time for me to choose a career I found it hard to settle on just one. I wanted to work in video, but I wanted to work in radio. I wanted to be a graphic designer, but I wanted to be a photographer too! I didn’t want to settle on one career – I wanted something different.

I started my professional journey in 2003, when I was admitted to the Applied Communication Program at Camosun College (affectionately known as ACP). I learned practical hands-on skills in video, radio, photography, and design. Suddenly, my eclectic tastes had their own job description – I was a communicator!

However, after 12 years of working in the graphic design and communication industry, I realized what I loved more than anything was getting to work directly people. I love problem solving, collaborating over solutions, and achieving goals. The problem was, as a designer in a large corporation, I got put in a bucket. In that bucket I was only a designer. My insides were teeming with marketing ideas, social media strategies, photoshoot ideas…buuuut that wasn’t in my job description.

So… as a creative problem solver — I made it my job description. I went back to school and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications, graduating with distinction from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

Now I design, strategize, train, write, and flex all my creative muscles while working directly with clients I love. Wahoo!

When I’m not working you can find me spending time with my dogs Boris & Arya  – yep, after the character from Game of Thrones, testing the boundaries of human ingestion of caffeine, enjoying local music, or at pub quiz with my team “facts machine”.

Current Favourite


TV Show



A group of rattlesnakes is called a rumba!




Diploma, Applied Communication
Camosun College (Victoria, BC)

Bachelor of Arts, Professional Communication
Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC)

Work With Me

  • I started with a rough idea of how I wanted the marketing and branding material to look. Kirsten took my 'It needs to be boardgamey, but not nerdy...' direction and finished with something we are proud to have emblazoned all over our store. She is quick, creative, and somehow always seems to make exactly what you want and then some.

    Bill Heaton
    Bill Heaton Interactivity Board Game Cafe
  • Kirsten is so fast! I'm always amazed with how quick everything gets done. I'm so thankful I can email her with my freak out moments, and she's always there to help.  She's fun to work with and comes up with creative solutions for problems. I've already received lots of compliments on my website and logo design.

    Kristin Price
    Kristin Price Kristin Price Holistic Nutrion
  • Kirsten has been a vital asset to Rocktographers. She is constantly helping us reinvent and revitalize our brands success with stunning design work, positivity, and genuine excitement towards what we do. Without Kirsten I'm not sure where we would be.

    Tyson Elder
    Tyson Elder Rocktographers

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