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You’ve heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. But, how well do your photos communicate those words? Get images with impact! From cocktail parties to corporate events, outdoor festivals to an intimate wedding; I’ve got all the angles covered. Click an album below to view my portfolio.

Corporate & Events

Corporate & Events

Wedding & Engagement

Wedding & Engagement



Photography Training

I offer a wide variety of training options for beginners to hobbyists, and more advanced photographers. Explore the basic workings of the digital SLR camera and learn how to take the photographs you want. I can help you demystify f-stops, shutter speeds, and exposure. From one day DSLR camera workshops to longer, more in-depth courses, I can teach you the skills you need to take amazing photographs.

For advanced photographers who want to hone their craft, I offer Lightroom training to help you harness the power of RAW processing, colour management, and retouching.

Need some inspiration? Suggested topics are below.


  • Lens selection
  • What different focal lengths are
  • Exposure and reading the light
  • Shutter speed settings and movement
  • Apertures (f-stops) and depth of field
  • RAW vs. jpeg
  • How to acheieve sharp images
  • Importing digital images from your camera to the computer
  • Using Lightoom for adjusting and improving your images, including cropping, rotating, tone and colour adjustment and sharpening
  • Preparing images for print and/or web and what the difference is
  • Composition and lighting


  • Using natural light
  • Rule of thirds and composition
  • How to get a ‘blurry background’ for your photos using aperture
  • The secret to taking great candids
  • Experimenting with exposure readings
  • Photographing silhouettes
  • Use of different lenses
  • Looking at lighting and the use of shadow

Work With Me

  • I started with a rough idea of how I wanted the marketing and branding material to look. Kirsten took my 'It needs to be boardgamey, but not nerdy...' direction and finished with something we are proud to have emblazoned all over our store. She is quick, creative, and somehow always seems to make exactly what you want and then some.

    Bill Heaton
    Bill Heaton Interactivity Board Game Cafe
  • Kirsten is so fast! I'm always amazed with how quick everything gets done. I'm so thankful I can email her with my freak out moments, and she's always there to help.  She's fun to work with and comes up with creative solutions for problems. I've already received lots of compliments on my website and logo design.

    Kristin Price
    Kristin Price Kristin Price Holistic Nutrion
  • Kirsten has been a vital asset to Rocktographers. She is constantly helping us reinvent and revitalize our brands success with stunning design work, positivity, and genuine excitement towards what we do. Without Kirsten I'm not sure where we would be.

    Tyson Elder
    Tyson Elder Rocktographers

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