Pardon the dust

Kirsten James Creative is getting an exciting facelift. Creating a brand is about so much more than a great logo, website or colour scheme. It’s about finding the right balance between effectively communicating who you are, making a lasting first impression and standing out against competitors.

A brand is an arsenal of communication tools.

What makes me stand out other than my penchant for the colour gold? I have a diploma in Applied Communication (the how) with a focus on design, and a BA in Professional Communication (the why). There are literally thousands of communications tools to connect with people and the options can be overwhelming — Facebook, e-mail, brochures, printed materials, websites, newsletters, Reddit, and Instagram are just a few examples. Not only do I understand which communication tools to use for your specific industry and how and when to use them but whyI will help you maximize engagement and together we will discover what makes you unique! I will take the time to listen to your goals and strategize a custom plan for you — isn’t that so much better than, “here’s your logo; good luck”? Together I will teach you to the tools you need to succeed with your goals through branding, marketing, and communication. From your stand out logo to your social media strategy I am here to help you shine.

While I spruce things up around here please contact me at

Stay Gold x

Kirsten James